Care for One Another

I discuss with others much about the socialism of our civil government that ought not be so, and where charity, care for the poor should come from – the church, both individual bodies and congregational bodies, to care for the poor both within and outside of the Body. “Spreading the wealth” through forced collectivism never works. Only voluntary giving will truly solve our problems. That requires Christian character, or just plain ol’ fashioned morals and ethics, the foundation that is necessary to get our nation back where it needs to be. (Did we really the the Me generation would lead to anything else than it has in our nation?)

Jim Eliff shares how his church is doing what should be done for the members of their own body.

As the economy worsens, most churches need to think through the pain of its members. Do you have a responsibility for those in the church? What will you do? The answers to this problem are varied.

read the rest of the article to see their solution:
Church Member Bailouts


Introducing Voddie

I may have mentioned something we’d come across by this man sometime last year, but today I want to do a little more comprehensive post. A little over a year ago we came across a pastor/writer/speaker who is speaking out on the Christian family. We’ve loved “running into” him in several places over the last year. We think you’ll enjoy him too. Many of these resources are free. Some are not, but once you read/listen to the free ones we think you’ll find the others worth the investment.

I think the first place we heard him was on Dennis Rainey’s Family Life Today radio show speaking on The Home is the Key. Shortly there after Kevin Swanson interviewed him on Generations, on Why the Southern Baptists are Losing 88% of the Next Generation. Then we read an article by him in Biblical Worldview magazine, Education: The Forgotten Key to Discipleship. I checked out his website where I ordered The Ever Loving Truth (of which there is a book by the same title) and I thought something else, but don’t see it at the moment.

Next I got The Centrality of the Home in Evangelism and Discipleship CD from the 2006 National Conference for Uniting Church and Family. We listened to him and Paul Washer answer questions, mainly from young people – Part 1 and Part 2. Recently I got the 2 messages that now comprise the Children of Caesar DVD set, from American Vision. And finally ordered the book, Family Driven Faith.

I’ve also found several short clips on YouTube, including Why I Believe the Bible. And links to several messages. And another blog that has a TON of links. (I haven’t checked them all out to make sure they are still there.

That should be enough links to introduce you to him. Hope you enjoy as much as I do.