Are you a Calvinist?

Hilarious video – if you have some understanding of the Reformed Christian faith, otherwise you may not “get it”. Thanks to Scott Head for pointing me to it. I don’t know anything else about the blog it’s from. But I got a good laugh from the video, which I needed in the busy days right before the celebration of Jesus’s Incarnation.

Click Here to view this short, funny, music video – embedding of videos has been messing up my blog formatting lately.


Festival of Lights

OK, I can’t believe this one. My dc came home from making cookies with grandma this week to tell me they (or she) heard on the news that in order to preserve our planet from global warning, we should only light one candle each night for Hanukkah instead of the number for the day.

WHAT???!!! Since when was lighting 9 (basically) birthday-sized candles a world threat???!!! I think somebody just took stupid pills.

Proverbs 15:14 "the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness."

RC Scroll

I’ll really try to get my “real” blog down in ?pixels and posted yet today, but just a quick note from my children.

Yesterday they were taking large sheets of newsprint and drawing on them, primarily towns and such, then rolling them up and standing them in a large crock we have.

Our 6yod said they were RC Scrolls!
Yes, they know RC Sproul (Jr was a speaker at a conference we went to, and perhaps Sr from a book and video we have).