Update: Gospel of John Project

I received this update today on the Gospel of John Project I wrote about a couple weeks ago. I am so happy the goal has been reached for the Gospel of John for Philadelphia outreach. The goal was 10,000+ copies, and well over 11,000 have been sponsored so far. They are currently at the printer. Please pray that these Scriptures will reach the hands and the hearts of those God is preparing to receive them. That they would read God’s Word, He would bring understanding, and they would respond with faith and repentance. “His Word will not return void.”

UPDATE: 12,000 booklets for this campaign are currently being PRINTED! At this stage, all graphics have been handed over to the Trinitarian Bible Society for review and printing. After that, it will be off to the mailers!

As always, to keep up-to-date with our latest progress, please visit:

Your financial support has made it possible for us to reach this stage. We are very appreciative of your help.

But please remember to continue to pray for genuine fruit from this effort. Our responsibility is certainly to sow the seed but we must realize that ‘salvation is of the Lord.’  We humbly ask that you pray that these booklets will reach the right homes to do the most good in helping broken lives and directing families to visit good, local churches.



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